2020 Business Communication Simplified – CRM+AI+VoIP+IVR+SMS+Chat Bots

February 27, 2020
Todd Fritz

Imagine a typical day at the office. This is 2020. Your typical day at the office could look so different than what you’ve been used to. What if it could look like this…?

You get to work, and the phone immediately starts ringing. You answer the phone with one tap on your wireless headset, your computer gets a screen pop with caller ID, customer name and number which immediately takes you to their client page in your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). You open a case and assist with trouble shooting while you enter notes in their CRM file for future reference.

What if the issue is still not resolved?  That is ok, because on that CRM page you can highlight who the vendor/carrier is for their product and click to call and open a trouble ticket for your client, and record all the notes in their file on that CRM page, so in your absence, anyone in your office will know what you did to help the client and can assist as well.

The vendor calls you back after working on the ticket to tell you it has been resolved, (you know it’s them calling because again you get a screen pop with caller ID  info) and you can close the case in your CRM.  After hanging up, you can click to call the client back or email them with the update on the resolution to the issues.

What if that incoming trouble call means you need to roll a service truck? No problem, you’re able to use your fleet management tools to see which tech is closest to the area and/or is finishing up with their current job and could get onsite to the new location quickest.

Once a problem is resolved and you’ve closed that case, your able to immediately send your client a customer satisfaction email asking them to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 1-5.

If you receive a 3 or lower, an immediate notification goes to the manager or sales rep to pick up the phone and see what else you can do to assist the client and make their experience better. You may have just turned a negative review into a positive by having immediate knowledge of the issue and reacting to fix it.

Oh, and don’t forget you have all those appointment call reminders that need to go out today.

No need to worry, you have calendar integration, which means text reminders to your clients have already been sent, asking to confirm the day’s appointments.  If they need to make a schedule change, they simply respond, you update your appointment calendar and you can answer them immediately to reschedule.

Oh yeah, you also have a marketing campaign to share your latest product or service offering with your clients. No problem, that was automated as well and has already been emailed to the client database you targeted based on a few keywords.  All you have to do is track the results, which are available through analytics.

Integration.  Artificial Intelligence.  Interactive Voice Recognition.  ChatBots and SMS.  Cloud-based solutions to communicate anywhere from any device at any time are all at your fingertips.

This is 2020. This could be your typical day at the office!

This is the new way to communicate and collaborate with your clients and your team.

InteleCONNECT is here to help you along the way.

CALL US to get this started in your business.

Now if only I could get my coffee pot to automate with me when I need a refill, that would be dreamy intelligence! ?

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