The Power of the Voice…

Lisa and I were recently in Scottsdale for a conference with some fantastic speakers on a variety of topics.  Each one a bit different from the last.  We had speakers on marketing, customer service, sales, and many on technical training on the VoIP product itself.  It was a great mixture of speakers to constantly keep […]

Is Your Business Resilient?

A week ago, I called one of my vendors to obtain an answer to a question. I couldn’t figure out why her phone was rerouted to someone else’s voicemail, or why someone else within her organization was responding to her emails. After I had received a return call, I learned that the person I was […]

Finding Gold in Them There BILLS

Finding Gold in Them There Bills…. Lisa, our Operations Manager, travels every summer to Montana for her annual visit with family.  She grew up out West with the beautiful mountains and National Forests and let’s not forget that it is known as The Treasure State for its mining.  I wonder if she’s ever found gold […]

Telecom Mergers – What Does It Mean for You?

CHANGE IS IN THE AIR! As I rolled out of bed and stepped outside to get the paper this morning, there was snow on the ground.  Snow on May Day?  But, my flower beds are all cleaned out and the lawn has been mowed.  This crazy weather is trying to change back to winter. Reminds […]

Top 10 Reasons To Use A Telecom Broker/Agent

  We are your one stop telecom shop: Instead of dealing with multiple sales reps from multiple carriers, you can deal with just one.  We are able to sell multiple carriers, so if a combination of three different carriers is the best fit for your business, we can coordinate all the orders as we represent […]

Top 10 Winter Things To Do In Minnesota

In celebration of our 10 year Anniversary, this month we are  focusing on one of our core values –  Community.   At InteleCONNECT, our local community matters to us and it’s why we are successful.  Being part of Central MN is part of the foundation of what makes us who we are.  So, get out there […]

Celebration of 10 Years of Business – Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Happy planning of goals and objectives for 2017!  Happy reflection on 2016! We recently finished our goal and planning retreat for 2017.  One of the biggest items to plan for in 2017 is our 10 year anniversary of  InteleCONNECT, Inc.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years already.  Time flies when […]

Is A Cloud Based VoIP Service Right For You?

Recently we were meeting with a client and discussing the pros and cons of a cloud based VoIP service.  “Tell me why I should consider this and is it right for our needs?” Is it the right solution for everyone?  I’d have to say the answer to that is no. Should you at least look […]

CLOUD Unified Communication

Well we did it.  My husband and I recently dropped my son off at college for his freshman year.  Our first one out of the home, living on his own and ready to conquer the world.  Many thoughts were going through my mind on the six hour car ride home, such as; “Will he remember […]