Is It Time For Your Telecom Check-Up?

You have been taught over the years that it is important to have annual medical exams with your physician, dentist and eye doctor.  It comes naturally for you to make and attend those appointments each year.  I want you to consider adding a new annual appointment to your business schedule  – TELECOMMUNICATION REVIEW.  About five […]

What’s Your Back-Up Plan?

My family is busy planning their vacation to Mexico at the end of the month. We are creating a roadmap and schedule of all the items to do in the area and prioritizing. Planning what to do each day, but making sure to leave room for those “just in case emergencies”. What are those emergencies […]


In today’s world of telecommunication people are more connected than ever before. Receiving calls can be crucial to your businesses success, and missed calls can be detrimental. The call forward unreachable feature is a great tool that businesses have the opportunity to utilize but may not be aware is available, or how it works.   […]