Benefits of Wireless Managed Services

September 24, 2020
Brenda Eisenschenk

In today’s crazy world, the wireless technology complexity, deployment, and expenses for businesses are growing.

Businesses are increasingly relying on wireless services, which make up a large percentage of telecom spend. The wireless environment is extremely dynamic and that creates numerous opportunities for overspending and driving the need for wireless expense management. It is easy to lose track of devices, not look for, or notice abuse, or under use. Both will end up costing your company money.

We offer the following services that might just end up putting some of those dollars back in your pocket.

To name a few, Intelligent Wireless Management offers:


  • Direct liaison between you and the telecom provider of YOUR choice, so you can run your business and never have to sit on hold or visit a wireless store again. (Unless you want to).
  • Inventory Management– An up-to-date inventory is compiled and maintained consisting of all wireless devices that are in use throughout your organization. You will know exactly which devices are being used – and by whom.
  • Auditing and Cost Management– You benefit from complete wireless invoice management services. We identify wireless problems as they arise and correct them before they result in unnecessary expense. We verify billing against all contracted rates, terms, and conditions and we match the billing against your inventory to avoid errors and overspending.
  • Service Optimization– All wireless usage is routinely monitored. We analyze and perform monthly rate plan reviews, corporate pooling, consolidation analysis, and no/low usage analysis to optimize your wireless spend.
  • Mobile Device Management– Your support team handles each service request within the guidelines of each client’s specific policies. Service requests can include:
  • Ordering new phones
  • Canceling and replacing lost phones
  • Fixing and/or replacing malfunctioning phones
  • Billing issue inquiries and chargeback resolution
  • Other day-to-day problems and issues
  • Remove the headache and time investment from having to call an 800 “Customer No Service” number-Enough said!

Let me give you an example: One of our newest clients contacted us looking for a solution after switching providers. They were dissatisfied with the services they received. Nothing against any wireless provider but sometimes after the sale, getting what you need is harder than you think. We cut the red tape and get results…fast. Our goal is to become your advocate and point out ways to cut expenses. I do not remember the last time a wireless provider called me and said “Hey, I can cut your costs”, do you?

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