Gift Yourself with Less Wireless Costs this Christmas

Does anyone else remember when your cell phone just made calls? You remember, like 10 years ago, before the Smartphones of today? These days, cell phones are much smaller and do so many cool things. But all that cool technology comes with a price. Just because you can afford the monthly bill doesn’t mean that […]

Is A Cloud Based VoIP Service Right For You?

Recently we were meeting with a client and discussing the pros and cons of a cloud based VoIP service.  “Tell me why I should consider this and is it right for our needs?” Is it the right solution for everyone?  I’d have to say the answer to that is no. Should you at least look […]

Where is my PHONE!? Can you imagine life without it?

Cell phones are awesome. Think about it…you have a PDA (personal digital assistant), a HD camera, HD video camera, a voice recorder, a gaming source, and a PHONE all in one. They keep us in touch with our loved ones through social media, phone conversations, video chats, and can actually be a life saver in […]

CLOUD Unified Communication

Well we did it.  My husband and I recently dropped my son off at college for his freshman year.  Our first one out of the home, living on his own and ready to conquer the world.  Many thoughts were going through my mind on the six hour car ride home, such as; “Will he remember […]

Just Pick-Up the Phone – Fast-Easy-Done!

Do you want to increase productivity and make more money?   PICK UP THE PHONE AND MAKE A CALL   Recently I received an email from one of my larger clients containing two questions: 1) can I get “A” 2) how soon? It was sent after 9 pm.  I wanted nothing more than to address […]

Is It Time For Your Telecom Check-Up?

You have been taught over the years that it is important to have annual medical exams with your physician, dentist and eye doctor.  It comes naturally for you to make and attend those appointments each year.  I want you to consider adding a new annual appointment to your business schedule  – TELECOMMUNICATION REVIEW.  About five […]

Benefits of Failure

Recently I was asked to give a speech to Junior Achievement students.  I took the opportunity to reflect on a few things in my life.  As I was preparing, the one thing that kept coming into my mind was, “If I could give my 18 year old self some advice, what would it be?”   […]

What’s Your Back-Up Plan?

My family is busy planning their vacation to Mexico at the end of the month. We are creating a roadmap and schedule of all the items to do in the area and prioritizing. Planning what to do each day, but making sure to leave room for those “just in case emergencies”. What are those emergencies […]