How to Handle Supply Chain Woes

I’m sure you’ve noticed supply chain issues and slow deliveries in almost every aspect of your life over the past couple of years. The technology world has been affected just like every other industry. Product is back-ordered anywhere from 10-30 days.   In a rather uncharacteristic move this weekend, Apple issued a short press release update validating …

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inteleCONNECT Expands Services with Solutions Engineering

You have asked, and we have listened! We are pleased to introduce Ben Thoele, as our Solutions Engineer, the newest member of our team at InteleCONNECT. What is Solution Engineering and why does adding Ben to our team help your business? In today’s every changing world of information technology, there are many components to sift …

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You Get a Phone, and You Get a Phone, and You get a Phone – everybody gets a phone (Channel your inner Oprah!)

People often ask me, what is it you do exactly? I thought about this for a bit and the easiest explanation is, we take away your headache. Let me dive a bit deeper. Organizations are stretched thin these days. It seems everyone has multiple jobs within the organization and are scrambling to get everything done…fast! …

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