Which Cell Phone Best Fits Your Needs?

January 25, 2018
Todd Fritz

Every week I get multiple calls from clients who need a new phone, and ask “what should I get?” I have been in this industry for almost 17 years, so for a lot of people I am their go to person for all things related to wireless telecom. I love when my clients trust me to help with this question, because let’s face it, knowing the ins and outs of all the phone and plan options can be confusing as heck!

All the different models, the pricing tiers, as well as the contracts/leases and relentless marketing ploys, makes choosing a new phone and being confident you made a good choice almost impossible. This blog is designed to cut through the bull and help you figure out what you want from your next phone. The cost of choosing the wrong fit for you could be hundreds and dare I say it, over a thousand dollars now.

Step 1: Process of Elimination

90% of the phones out there today are either Apple or Android. Without realizing it you may have already made your choice. If you’ve been using either platform for years, you may have purchased a lot of content specific to either Apple or Android. In most cases migrating this content to another platform is difficult if not impossible.  So, if this is you, and you’ve spent hundreds over the years on content, you are better off staying with the platform you are currently using, be it Apple or Android. So, you only need to look at those devices. But if you want to be sure or know more about all the operating systems, you could check out this article for more info.

Step 2: Price May Matter

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to sell you a new expensive phone, but I want to help you spend wisely and get what you want and need. I spent less on my first car than the cost of some new cell phones. Do you really need to spend $1000 on a new phone? Consider what’s important to you, how you use your phone, and can your budget handle the cost?

You could save hundreds by opting for a cheaper model, or an older model, and still get everything you need in a phone. You most likely won’t notice the difference. Companies LOVE when you want to buy into their marketing. Most people don’t NEED a flagship device. Phones are marketed so heavily, because they want you to think you need them and cannot live without all the new gizmos.

Also, if you haven’t bought a new phone in a while, options have changed.  The cost of the phone is now separated from your service. You have different ways to pay for phones these days.

  • Buy it outright and have a lower monthly cost. This can be for a new or a gently used phone.
  • Make monthly payments – an option if you want an expensive phone. At end of contract, you own it and payment goes away, so it costs less per month after that.
  • Lease it – again monthly options, but with different end of contract options, since you never really own it.


Step 3: What About Your Phone is Most Important to You?

Battery life? The camera? Overall cost? How the phone looks? Most of today’s phones come with a huge number of apps and features. You must ask yourself which features and apps etc. are you going to use. Think about what you use most in your day-to-day life already and look at phones that offer it. Having a clear objective about this will assist with making the best choice for your new (or gently used) device.

  • Best Battery Life – how long do you need it to last on a typical day?
  • Best Camera – how many pictures and the quality needed?
  • Cost
  • Fastest Processor – iPhone 8 and 8 Plus could put some laptops to shame.
  • Other features to consider such as voice commands, navigation systems, wireless charging

Do you want it to have it all? If so, look at the flagships – these are always the best performers in all respects.

Here is where I come in, please call me and we can make an educated decision together! 

Know The Right Time To Buy

Unless you must have the latest/greatest device, no matter the cost, my recommendation is NEVER buy a phone as soon as it comes out. You’ll pay the highest price going, and though you will have a shiny new phone, your wallet won’t thank you. Additionally, it’s always nice to give them a chance to work out any issues on new phones after they launch them. Consider the questions below when deciding if it’s the right time for you to buy:

  • Are you having any trouble with your current phone?
  • Are you switching providers?
  • Do you love new gadgets?


Old Hardware, Doesn’t Mean Obsolete Hardware

Why? Simple, these modern things we call smartphones are exceptional pieces of technology. You don’t need to buy a brand-new phone to get decent performance. A “new” iPhone 7 will still feel like a new phone even if it isn’t the latest model. Phones get worn down by usage. By this I mean, it is like anything else, you don’t expect a 2-3-year-old computer to operate like a new one.

Another additional option is buying reconditioned/gently used. The reconditioned route is a brilliant way of picking up a top of the line iPhone or Samsung phone for hundreds of dollars less.  Feel free to contact me with questions about getting your new phone when you’re ready. I may have the perfect gently used phone for you, or I can get you a brand new one – your choice.

Check out this article for more great info.

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