Cell Phones – What Do You Do When You Get A New Employee?

October 1, 2019
Brenda Eisenschenk

Happy Fall and Happy News!


Happy Fall!  Summer is over and we are preparing for the upcoming Fall/Winter seasons.  Routines change, colors change, and we head into the season of Gratefulness and Giving Thanks. We are extremely grateful for your business. We wouldn’t be in business without you!

Fall means less daylight to get things done, so my first gift to you will be this short blog, saving you some time. (You can thank me by calling us for a rate plan analysis-then we can save you time and money).

Speaking of money, as a small company it is always hard to decide when to hire another staff member. As a business owner, you have to weigh balancing the workload and the physical cost of adding a new team member.


So as a small growing business, how do you handle adding a new employee?

  • Do you have them use their personal cell phone and devices or do you supply them with new devices provided and paid for by the company?
  • Do you offer a monthly stipend for them to use their own devices?
  • How do you control data if it’s not on company devices?
  • Some clients use a VoIP phone system, and the calls roll to cell phones. This allow you to have employees use their personal devices, but all the data, contacts etc. stay in the “Cloud” thus keeping it for your company use, not leaving with that employee’s cell phone if they leave the company.


You want your company business contacts to stay with you and not go down the road with an ex-employee on their cell phone.

All great questions, and we can help you make these decisions. We take a look at things through your eyes and YOUR checkbook. We are your trusted advocate.



Thanks to our AMAZING clients our business continues to grow and the time has come for us to add Laura Fritz to our team.


She comes to us with a wealth of customer service skills and positive attitude. She is very hard working and dedicated to our customers satisfaction and happiness. She is a people person and will bring a fresh face to help represent IWM. She will be handling customer relations, community interaction, Chamber Events, social media, and some account analytics. Of course, other duties as assigned?.

We are beyond excited to add her and can’t wait for you all to meet her!

She can be reached at laura@iwmanagement.net and 320.257.1701.

Please reach out to her and welcome her to our team!

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