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Frequently asked questions

Why would I call InteleCONNECT instead of going directly to the carrier?

You can do research and call all the carriers to see what they offer, or you can make one call to InteleCONNECT and review with you options as well as our unbiased recommendations on what option will be best for your business needs.

Can InteleCONNECT help me with carriers if I don’t place the order with you?
Can you help me with Microsoft Office 365 or Google?
How can I use the cloud for my business?
What does being a communications advisor/agency/brokerage mean? How does it help my business?
Short term vs. Long term contracts, what are the benefits of each?
Which carrier is best for me and my business?
Do I need to do anything about cybersecurity?
What does putting my business in the cloud mean?
What is VoIP/UCAAS and how does it work?
I need a new phone system, what are my options?
What speed/bandwidth would you recommend for my business?
Why would my business need a backup internet connection?
Who will help me if I have questions, outages or issues with my services?

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