When is it Time to Choose a Corporate vs Family Wireless Plan?

May 1, 2019
Brenda Eisenschenk

I may be dating myself here but…you may remember a time when a company cell phone was a CEO-level luxury item. It was an era where powerful people closed deals on yachts while talking on a brick-sized Motorola.


That is all in the past: cell phones are now everyday business tools. So the question is, how do you know if your business should have a corporate liable plan or an individually liable (Family) plan?

Step1: You need to determine whether your small business needs a mobile phone plan. Access the mobility needs of your team.

  • Do you have more than a couple of employees working outside of the office on a regular basis?
  • Are they “always on the clock” or do they work 8-5?
  • If there is a crisis, who needs to be immediately reachable?

Step 2: If you have a need for five or more phones on your account it may be time to look at a corporate plan.

Step 3: Research your calling habits. Once you’ve looked them over and have a picture of how you use your phones you can see what plans best fit your needs. We can help!

Step 4: You need to choose a provider. Here are some questions you’ll want answered:

  • Would the cell phone carrier that handles your personal mobile phone service work?
  • Does the provider offer dedicated business plans? if not, don’t be tempted to save a few bucks with a “friends and family” type of package (unless you’re a very small operation).
  • What is most important to you? Cost? Service Coverage? Data Plans/Usage? Having a game plan of what you need before deciding on a carrier is crucial.


What features and functionality do you need for your business cell phone plan? A true business cell phone plan offers the same options as an office desk phone, as well as unique mobile features—yes, including the connectivity to close a deal on a yacht.


We have been in the wireless business almost 19 years and will help you navigate the murky wireless waters. IWM (Intelligent Wireless Management) looks at things a little differently than the carriers. We will help you make buying decisions by providing you pertinent information you need.  We look at your checkbook as if it was our own checkbook. We will never try to sell you what you don’t need.


This may sound old-fashioned, but IWM never asks a client of ours to sign a contract and we never will. We want to EARN our keep every day.


If IWM can help you in any way, we would appreciate the chance to become your one-stop telecom shop. Heck, if we can’t do any better than you are already doing, we’ll tell you that too. The way we figure it, four eyes are better than two.


I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my blogs.  Got a telecom topic you want to know more about? We’d love to hear it! The person that submits the best idea for our upcoming blogs will get a $50.00 swag bag courtesy of Intelligent Wireless Management/InteleConnect.


Todd Fritz

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