Creating an Excellent Customer Experience with Contact Center

August 27, 2020
Todd Fritz
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Have you ever stopped to wonder how many different forms of customer communications we do on a daily basis?  You have the incoming phone calls, you may have a chat bot on your website, then there is Facebook messaging and chat links, linked-in notifications, text messages, SMS, oh….and did I mention emails?

What if you could manage most of these items through one channel?  Omnichannel?  One simple way to pool multi-channels into a single source that allows your team to distribute and communicate based on importance and priorities that you establish?

Say hello to the world of CONTACT CENTER!

Contact Center (not to be confused with a telemarketing call center) is a single platform where you can have customer engagement, workforce engagement, enterprise collaboration, artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge, and analytics.  Sure, you can also add call center tools to the mix if your company handles inbound or outbound calls.  Even the smallest sized business who is managing multiple ways of communicating with their customer can benefit from a Contact Center solution.

Imagine this…

You come into the office (after grabbing your cup of coffee) and turn on your computer using a single sign in to access all your cloud-based solution platforms.  You then can start to manage your customer experience by responding to SMS, chats, or taking inbound calls that were routed directly to you using artificial intelligence (AI) or Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR).  As the call or chat is happening, all the information you obtain can be added to a case under the customer’s account through integration of your CRM software with this platform.  You can also rate the call to flag for future reference or save the voice recorded call to the case.

Imagine that after a customer is wrapping up their time with you, an instant survey is presented to rate their experience.  That could be done through the chat window, or by an automated voice question at the end of a call, or by a simple SMS question.  The score they give on that survey can determine how you automatically respond.  A low score could automatically flag you for a call back to them to try and handle any unresolved questions or improve the score.  A high rating on an SMS might send an automated coupon to save 10% off their next purchase.

In the new world of wearing masks, working from home, shopping online (with local businesses?), and curbside pick-ups, it is becoming crucial to make sure we are staying on top of how we communicate with our customers.  Creating an excellent customer experience is just as important today as it has ever been, but with technology tools, it can be accomplished differently.  We would love to help you explore how to streamline all your technology to make your daily work experience excellent as well!

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