Fixed Wireless Internet Access: What you need to know

April 3, 2023
Todd Fritz
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I’m sure you are all aware of the different types of internet connections available today. DSL, cable modem, fiber, satellite and everything in between. Well, there is a new kid on the block. Fixed Wireless Access!

You get what you get by where you live, right? Chances are there is not fiber in a rural area. People or businesses just on the fringe are often stuck with cable, DSL, or even satellite. Even though they are hard to reach, there might be an alternative…..fixed wireless. With the advent of 5G, this technology has come a long way in a short time.

It all began as a way to replace copper and fiber optic for people in remote areas. As the popularity grows, it is becoming a viable option for remote access and more. It is often referred to as “fiber in the sky”.

Well, let’s dive a bit deeper….What is Fixed Wireless, how does it work?

Fixed wireless is popular in underserved areas. Unlike cable, it is wireless, doesn’t require a phone line, and is super easy to set up.

Fixed Wireless works by sending radio signals directly to the access point in your home. They are called Internet Gateways. Really a small box that has the modem and router all in one.

Fixed Wireless has options for no caps-that means you can stream shows, play games, surf until you drop, all without having to worry about excess charges.

What’s really cool about FWA is that it has other uses too! Think about the internet your business relies on. What would happen should it go down? Most business would be paralyzed. Now, what if you had a FWA as a backup? Your internet would seamlessly switch to wireless. You wouldn’t lose a sale, miss that WebEx or Zoom with your biggest client, or have to wait to get things done. Wow, what a relief!!!

Fixed wireless will cost you somewhere between $25.00-$100.00 per month depending on your needs, but isn’t that money well spent? How much would your business lose if you lost your internet for an hour, or a whole day?

Bottom line, do I or don’t I need fixed wireless access. For your home, it may be cheaper than the local cable company. For your business, can you afford to not have a backup plan in place? You should look at what options you have, and all of us at IWM and InteleCONNECT are versed in what’s available and would love to discuss with you.

If you have questions on this or any other wireless product or service, we would LOVE to become your wireless partner.

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