Fun Facts with Wireless Numbers

March 1, 2019
Brenda Eisenschenk

I often write about things you should do with your wireless devices, like how to use them, make them work best for you, or like letting us manage them for you to save time, money and headaches.  I thought for a change lets just look at the numbers and the amazing growth of all thing wireless.


  • We have more wireless subscribers than people. Currently we have 330 million subscriptions active in the US while there are only 325.7 million people.
  • Global Internet Traffic in 2020 will exceed the 2005 total by 95 times!
  • 2/3 of all IP traffic will come from wireless devices by next year.
  • Smartphone traffic now exceeds PC traffic.
  • The IoT (Internet of things) has exceeded 3.5 billion users, projected to increase by another 1 billion by end of 2020
  • There are 2.1 Billion Smartphone users worldwide!
  • 91% of the US population owns a wireless device. (This means I still have 9% to reach. Help me spread the word?)
  • We spend over $63B on services worldwide.
  • Think about all the things wireless can do (just to name a few)
    • Automated Door Locks
    • Intelligent Smoke Alarms
    • ATM’s
    • Marque Signs
    • Security Monitors
    • Laptops
    • Cars
    • Bluetooth Headset
    • eBooks
    • Virtual Reality
    • Tablets
    • Watches
    • Healthcare Devices
    • Monitored Thermostats


The list is only limited by the imagination.

We have come so far it is hard to imagine looking back at 6/29/2007. Why that date you ask? The first one to tell me what it is will win a IWM trinket pack.

Last one for you to think about…. the current 4G standard allows speed hovering around 20MB, 5G will allow speeds up to 10GBPS. Imagine all the things that are in the not-too-distant future.

I hope you had fun learning a little about the world in which I live. Please remember, we are always here to help and would love to EARN your business.


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