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February 22, 2023
Brenda Eisenschenk
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Businesses today are inundated with software apps that are downloaded on laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Do they help your business grow and succeed? How many apps does you work us on a daily basis?

Do you collaborate on projects with Microsoft Teams, Google workspace, or Slack?

Do you have meetings in Zoom, Webex, or Teams?

Do you keep tabs on your clients in some type of CRM like Salesforce, or Zendesk?

Do you use VoIP for your business phone calls like Vonage, Zoom, 8×8, RingCentral?

This doesn’t even take into count your email or social media presence, what your marketing department, sales department and production departments might be downloading!

It is hard to believe that nearly three years ago our world was turned upside down by a worldwide pandemic and company’s and their employees were forced to navigate and figure out work from home options. IT departments were scrambling to provide staff with the tools to stay connected and do their jobs in remote locations.

If your business is utilizing all these tools (apps) on a daily basis, and also trying to figure out how to stay organized and function the most effectively and efficiently in our day to day work, you are not alone.

If your office was using Microsoft already, you probably started to adopt Microsoft Teams as your collaboration tool to keep your communication going with others in the organization. But, in order to integrate your voice calls to people outside your organization, it required you to upgrade your license to an Enterprise grade, which for many companies was not an option. Well that is not the case anymore.

The use of API’s, or application programming interface, allows having two or more apps communicate with each other.

• Your calls can be automatically logged into your CRM.

• You have the ability to collaborate with your co-workers in teams and make a call through the embedded dial pad from your chosen VoIP provider, or send an SMS to an external source.

• You can elevate your call to a video meeting and work together on documents within the meeting.

• If all of this is not enough, you can enhance your customer experience with tools like CCAAS (Contact Center as a Service), where the ability to make and receive calls, SMS/MMS, and email can all reside in one omni channel (or window on your monitor).

So, where do you begin?

Let’s start with connecting and having a conversation.

Better yet, join us at our March 8th Lunch GIG.  The presenter will be Vonage and they will be sharing their feature rich platform and demonstrate how Teams integration can work for your business.

Just to see if you read to the bottom, here is a little s”appy” humor:

What’s Captain Hook’s least favorite app?  TikTok

What’s the most popular dating app?  Google Calendar

My Banking App wasn’t working!  I called customer support and they said we can try deleting your cache!  Wait, WHAT?

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