Here We Go Again

September 1, 2019
Todd Fritz

Why am I feeling a little bit of a Déjà vu? We are undergoing construction at a new building, getting ready to move our office, and trying to coordinate our move date among all the upcoming installations and moves we are coordinating for our clients. Oh wait…was it really only a little more than two years ago that we were going through this same thing…reality!

As some of you may know, we share an office building with my husband and his business partner. Their warehousing business had outgrown their current space and they were busting at the seams. InteleCONNECT added another employee this past May and we’ve reached our max capacity as well. In addition, our monthly Lunch GIG’s sometimes were a little cozy in our current conference room.

We were fortunate enough to locate another warehouse/office building that would accommodate our needs better for everyone at both businesses. So, we made an offer and as luck would have it, we were able to sell our building to our neighbor who was also experiencing growing pains (a win/win I guess you could say)! The new space just needed a couple walls built out and some “lipstick” to make it ready for us to occupy the office space (oh, and a bottle of bleach, heavy duty gloves and a good scouring pad for the bathrooms)!

So, we are growing and moving on (again)!

We couldn’t be happier for this next step. We will miss our current neighboring businesses and the Sauk Rapids community but are looking forward to meeting our new neighbors.

You’ve heard the saying, “when it rains it pours”? Well we are in a whirlwind of projects with our customers too. Coordinating their move dates, their installation and training dates, their mergers and acquisitions. How will we ever find time to actually make our own move happen? Technology – that’s how!

Thankfully, we have most of our services in the cloud. Our CRM, Office 365, and our phones all reside in the cloud. So, all we need is the Internet (CHECK) and a good trailer and we will be able to shut down at the end of one day and be up and running the next morning. Don’t worry though, if you happen to call us after hours while we are moving, we will be able to grab your call through our VoIP mobile app. If you prefer to email us, well, we have you covered there too.

Technology today makes it convenient to stay connected anytime, anywhere, anyplace, even during an office move.

September 19th we will be up and operational at our new office at 620 Apollo Ave NE, St. Cloud, MN 56304. Stop by and see us! Just make sure to do so in the morning though as we will be out serving our community at United Way Day of Caring in the afternoon…gotta keep on moving?

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