Hot Industry Trends from the Channel Experts – AI and Security

March 26, 2024


Upon returning from the Channel Partners show in Vegas this past week, I asked Lisa and Robin individually what some of the biggest trends were that people were talking about at the show. Without hesitation, they both responded AI and Security in that order.

Later that day, I was opening a trouble ticket for a customer and heard “Did you know Spectrum now offers voice recognition…”. And then I had to chuckle to myself, imagine if we enrolled in voice recognition on all the accounts we manage for our customers, do you think it would throw the algorithms out the window?

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming more prevalent in business operations, it is also important to identify the lines where technology and security intersect. I was reading an article this weekend where hackers are calling people and asking “Can you hear me” and hoping that you would say “yes” only to take that recording of you saying “yes” and use it to subscribe or order things in your identity. The person writing the article had good advice to always repeat their question with an answer, “I can hear you” instead of saying “yes”.

More and more businesses are relying on tighter security measures to be in place to protect their customers’ data. You may have heard of HIPAA, PCI, Safeguard Act or NIST for example. Unauthorized access to sensitive personal information can lead to severe repercussions for businesses, including regulatory fines or damaged reputations. One statistic that was shared at the show was that 80% of small businesses will be hacked. And of that, 60% will end up going out of business because of it.  WOW!  As a small business owner myself, that is frightening to think about. No longer can we afford to be in the mindset of “but it won’t happen to me”.

So how does a business mitigate the risks and bolster its security posture?

  • AI-powered Threat Detection and Response: Implement AI-driven threat detection systems capable of identifying and neutralizing cyber threats in real time. 
  • Privacy-preserving AI: By anonymizing and encrypting data, businesses can minimize the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Ethical AI Governance: Develop policies and procedures that conduct regular audits to identify and mitigate algorithmic biases, as well as promoting transparency and accountability throughout the environment.
  • Create a secure ecosystem:  Stay on top of the industry trends, have a good cyber liability policy,  and conduct regular security training with staff.

While we embrace AI to help us with streamlining business operations and enhance efficiencies, we must be aware of the risk. The future belongs to those who innovate responsibly and prioritize security every step of the way!

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Linda Laitala

Great advice, Brenda! I’m going to share it with my members. Thank you.

March 27, 2024

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