inteleCONNECT Expands Services with Solutions Engineering

October 13, 2022
Todd Fritz

You have asked, and we have listened!

We are pleased to introduce Ben Thoele, as our Solutions Engineer, the newest member of our team at InteleCONNECT.

What is Solution Engineering and why does adding Ben to our team help your business?

In today’s every changing world of information technology, there are many components to sift through, to understand and to integrate so your business runs smoothly.  In many cases, those technology components aren’t just handled by IT but also the departments that own the business process.  Decisions are made by sales teams, marketing, operations, and financing departments.  Imagine being an internal IT person and trying to keep track of and support the technology solutions that each department implements to solve a problem or need.  What if you weren’t aware they were doing it?  Managing all of this and staying up to date on what’s new and available can be overwhelming.

You have asked us to assist with solutions that we have access to, like cloud services, but we may not have always had the bandwidth in terms of people or time to assist.  That now changes as we welcome Ben to our team as an asset to help businesses engineer and create their roadmap for technology needs both today and in the future.  There are three ways we will help you with your goals and the best route to get there:

  • Solutions Engineering – having a discovery meeting with your team and assessing what you currently use and how they match your needs for your business. Delivering to you a roadmap to follow for budgeting, scheduling, and implementing your technology needs.  Ben will dive deep to bring the right tools and vendors to the table who can demonstrate their products and see if it is a good fit.  As your trusted technology advocate you can have the comfort of knowing that we will always have your best interests in mind.
  • Project Management – now that you have selected the technology, what is next? If you would like help in managing the project to ensure a smooth and seamless delivery, we are here to assist.  Much like many of you have grown to love Patrick who is our Project Manager on the VOIP/UCAAS side of the house, Ben can help manage your project whether it be migrating to the Cloud with O365 licenses, implementing an SDWAN environment across your multi-site locations, or working with the outside vendors to allow you to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Professional Services – Ben has 20 years of experience in IT and business operations with expertise in legal, insurance, banking, manufacturing, and construction. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and assist in setting up a Zoom Room or Teams Room for your conference setting, or trouble shooting how to improve the infrastructure of your business environment.

So, if tying all the technology together has you asking what do I do next, or has you overwhelmed, or the idea of having help has you intrigued, what do you do next?

Let’s start by having a conversation where we can learn more about your business and see where the road takes us.  Call or email to schedule your time.  The coffee is always on, and the conversation is free!

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