December 1, 2018
Todd Fritz

Intentional; {Adjective}

perform with awareness, done deliberately, consciously or on purpose

That was my word for 2018, to live with Intention and make everything I do be intentional.

As a business owner, wife, mother, daughter, friend and community member, I wanted to make each moment count.  I tried to deliberately put thought into my day and how I was going to play each moment out.  I wanted to put the cell phone away when at lunches or dinners and just be aware of those whom I was with.  I tried to have a purpose for each action I did or with each gift I gave.  Intentionally trying to help those with their telecom needs or choosing intentionally where I wanted to volunteer in the community.

As the holidays approach, are you stressed out about getting the house decorated just right?  Are you trying to find that perfect gift for each member of your family?  Or are you trying to wrap up the year at work with checking all the boxes on your to do list?

I ask each of you to take a moment right now.  Pause.  That’s right – stop reading my blog for a moment and close your eyes.  Breath.  Think about what it is you are doing at this moment?  Are you at work?  What is it that you love to do?  What or who is it that puts that smile on your face?  What things put that little extra jingle in your step?  Imagine taking time this season to intentionally focus on any of those images that popped into your mind just now.  Whether it is having a cup of coffee with that special person who means so much or spending a couple of hours volunteering for your favorite charity, I encourage you all to do it with intention.  It may just ease your stress a bit, give you a bit of laughter and cheer that you deserve, or even raise your endorphins!

Need a little extra help thinking of ways to live with intention?  Here is a short list to help you out.

  • For that co-worker that makes your life a bit easier – ask them to join you for lunch and really take the time to listen to their stories.
  • For that client who has referred you to one (or many) of their friends – remember to say THANK YOU. And, I mean intentionally thank them in a meaningful way…not just an email…be unique.
  • For that spouse, child, parent, or friend who lifts you up in more ways than you sometimes care to admit – turn off the TV, take a walk, hold hands and intentionally be together.
  • For this Christmas season that typically stresses you out – spend just 30 minutes walking or driving around and enjoy the lights and decorations. Enjoy the Country Lights Festival in Sartell by the new Community Center if you need a little inspiration.
  • Crank up the Christmas Music (Spirit 92.9 plays it all day long) and sing out loud. That will surely put you in the spirit while trimming the tree or wrapping presents.
  • Ring the Bell for the Salvation Army – but, while you are doing it, be sure to intentionally thank those who donate and for those who walk by, intentionally wish them a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  • Stop by the Humane Society and volunteer or donate to our furry friends who are hoping for Santa to bring them to a new home this Christmas.
  • Clean out your closet and donate your items to Thrift Works which helps our friends at Wacosa.
  • Write a letter to that person who had an impact in your life and tell them why.

As we enjoy the sights and sounds all around us, think about what your word is?  How do you want to live your lives in 2019?  Is it Love, Joy, Trust, Laugh, Learn, Hope, Change, Grow, Faith, or one of your own?

From all of us at InteleCONNECT and IWM, may you intentionally enjoy the Holiday Season and wrap your year up with the awareness and purpose of who you are and the gifts you bring!

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