Internet Services:
high-performance connectivity.

Every business needs to stay up and running. With high-performance internet you can keep your business running with confidence.

InteleCONNECT will choose the right provider regardless of location or multiple offices. We’ll get your business operations running efficiently.

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Keep your business connected

With the speed of business growing be sure your and your team don’t miss a beat.

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We know that speed is key for any business when it comes to the internet. Our providers offer features such as direct peering, symmetrical bandwidth, and low latency rates to keep your speed rates exceptional.


If internet is crucial and your business can’t be without it for even an hour. We can find a backup solution that is affordable, and keeps you from losing money during an outage.

SDWAN solutions offer the next level of redundancy and optimization, allowing your business the best connections and also prioritizing traffic.


Internet plans are highly customizable to fit your business needs. Big or small we have a plan that will work perfectly for your business.

Get a free consultation with an Internet specialist.

Let us help you expand and improve your business internet systems. Request a quote and get connected to an internet expert.

We’ll make it easy to get the right services at the right price for your business.

Hundreds of companies love working with InteleCONNECT


We believe in delivering quality with consistency.


We believe in providing unbiased recommendations based on our customer's current and future needs.


We are a trusted advisors for our customers. We focus on saving them time and money, allowing them to do what they do best.

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BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! They went above and beyond to help out our office with some phone issues we were having. Super Impressed! Definitely recommend this business for all of your phone needs!

— Brandon Johnson

When setting up my business we need internet, and cell phones for my crew. After talking to a couple business who where trying to sell me everything possible. I called Inteleconnect and was more then satisfied. They listened to what i wanted, did not try pushing things on me and had a very reasonable price. I would recommend them.

— Nathaniel Schumer

Unbelievable service!! I called for a new phone and internet line to a moving office on Wednesday and install was completed Friday - on a holiday weekend, no less!! Team was with me from start to finish and even waited on hold with cable company to fix my address mistake. Absolutely amazing.

— Michelle Henderson

What is your business connection like?

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