head shot of InteleCONNECT team member Patrick with glasses in a suite and tie


Patrick Hollermann

Patrick has been in the technology industry for over 30 years and thrives in analyzing systems and processes, determining the best solution, and then breaking the information down into understandable components for inteleCONNECT’s clients. Patrick is results driven and demands ambitious standards and deliverables from inteleCONNECT’s vendor partners so that projects stay on budget and on time. Patrick is a natural trainer who understands the challenges that adult learners face.

Patrick’s focus has always been on how you use technology to help businesses achieve their goal while having a positive customer experience.


Patrick enjoys any opportunity to work in his woodshop or on his old cars. Patrick has a natural knack for leadership and community involvement, so it is not surprising that he has held multiple volunteer positions such as Pastoral Council President or School Technology Committee. Patrick is extremely involved in the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce where he has served in multiple leadership roles, both past and present, such as the Chair of the Leadership Program, Top Hat Ambassador, and a member of the Board of Directors.

InteleCONNECT team member Patrick in glasses smiling with hands on chin next to a telephone booth
InteleCONNECT team member Patrick standing in front of a screen giving a presentation

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