There are literally hundreds of business phone service providers.  We know you don’t have time to talk to them all, get bids, review the bids and then try and coordinate the installation process.  We make is EASY to get the right services at the right price for your business.  Telecommunications for your business is our specialty.

Phone services with InteleCONNECT partners include:


  • Hosted Voice, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail
  • Local, VoIP and SIP Phone Service
  • Domestic & International Long Distance
  • POTS(Plain Old Telephone Service), EoC, T1, PRI and Dynamic T1 and Bonded T1’s
  • Integrated Access (IA)
  • Web Conferencing, Audio Conferencing
  • Toll Free, Account Codes


Not sure what voice and internet plan is right for you? We hear you. Let InteleCONNECT help you find the right telecom solution.

We are your one-stop for voice and internet solutions for business communications. InteleCONNECT partners with multiple voice and internet companies – and consults with you as a trusted advocate. Get the most reliable services, to meet your needs, at the best value for your business.

Have you looked into VoIP services for your business phone needs?