Is It Time For Your Telecom Check-Up?

May 9, 2016
Todd Fritz
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You have been taught over the years that it is important to have annual medical exams with your physician, dentist and eye doctor.  It comes naturally for you to make and attend those appointments each year.  I want you to consider adding a new annual appointment to your business schedule  – TELECOMMUNICATION REVIEW.  About five years ago there was a huge market shift.  The internet changed how we make and receive phone calls, wireless services became a necessary part of business and cloud based services continue to grow each year.  Being in the telecommunications industry I can tell you that things can change quickly.  You might be missing out on some important improvements simply because you don’t know what you don’t know.


A telecom review is one of the main reasons businesses become our clients.  We have so many tools to not only meet today’s needs of businesses, but to also make sure that they are prepared for tomorrow.  When I sit down with someone to do a review I ask some really pointed questions that help me to guide them to strong long term solutions.  So, what goes into a telecom checkup?  I am going to give you my process.


When I first started InteleCONNECT, doing  an apples to apples comparison of services was much less complicated than it is today.  I could show what you are paying with your current provider as well as like services from other providers and the cost associated with each.  Sometimes I could even negotiate a price adjustment with your current provider.  Today there is so much more going on with infrastructure and network design, etc.  It is so important to discuss and fully understand these five key components.



1. Review current services

  • Analyze all invoices – local, long distance, internet, wireless plan, wide area network infrastructure, cable TV and more.

2. Who do you depend on to support your network?

  • Review and understand who are your hardware, software & cloud based support people and what services their equipment requires.
  • This step also includes analyzing needs for fire alarms, elevator alarms, security systems, and any type of analog monitoring devices, even boilers might have a remote modem that needs an analog device to connect to it.

3. Education on the newest technologies and service available

  • Just as important as what you have today, I ask what are their plans for the next one, three or five years?
  • Are there new technologies such as Teleworking services or Unified Communications that could be a benefit to the business.

4. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

  • Do you have a back-up plan for data and phone services?
  • Do you need an instant failover for internet or voice as part of your continuity plan?
  • How quickly could you restore things should you have a breakdown and what would be the first steps?

5. Do you know who to call in the event that any of your services stop working.

  • In today’s data intense world the internet and voice communication must always be up and running.
  • Do you know who to call for your IT, phone equipment vendors, service providers or software vendors? Are other people in your organization aware of where to find this information?
  • InteleCONNECT customers know that the obvious choice if you don’t know who to call is to give us a call and we will connect you with the people that will get you up and running.


Ten years ago, when I started InteleCONNECT, things were simpler to explain and there were a lot less options for phone and internet services.  Your biggest decision was whether to utilize analog or PRI for your voice communications.  Today, the technologies are more advanced and you not only have to decide what handoff you want for your phone service, but whether or not you want to incorporate your wireless devices into the network as well.


To have peace of mind , knowing that you are covered and have the best services is really fast and easy.  All we need is to schedule an hour of your time for a free consultation.


Don’t wait until your phone’s don’t ring and your internet can’t zing.  Get your Free/No Obligation review TODAY.

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