Brenda Eisenschenk

I hope you all had the most wonderful holidays season and that you are successful at staying as safe as possible. Listening to the news you hear about all the bad things happening in the world BUT if you look a little deeper, you see so much GOOD happening. It’s all in your perspective, and what lens you look through. I love the Christmas season because we all seem a little gentler, more kind, perhaps even more patient.

One way that I can successfully make someone else’s day better is that I LOVE to buy people coffee or a soda while in line at the convenience store. Don’t ask me why but on some level, I hope it brings a temporary smile to the recipient. Who knows what kind of day they are having? It might be the highlight of their day? I do this year-round, and it makes me feel good. To me, that is reward enough.

The point of all of this is, we have all had a bad day or failed at something. It is easy to dwell on the negative. What would happen if, for the next few minutes, let’s all focus on success.

Success comes in many forms. The smile of a child, a wonderful date with your partner, a job well done at work, a paycheck, a business expansion, a promotion, etc.

Success is a journey and not a destination.

We encounter stop signs, roadblocks, failures, etc. Many times, we need some sort of direction or motivation to keep moving forward, until we attain our own definition of success. We all want to make an impact in the world around us. Making a difference in the world helps us embrace our own inner peace. It’s a good measure of success. I read this quote somewhere and it stuck with me. ”Motivation for success is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals.” I like it because it sums up why we all want to be motivated.  We all want to achieve and exceed our goals.

One of the things that give us pleasure at Intelligent Wireless Management is saving people time and money. Most days, we truly LOVE our job…lol! Let me tell you about one of our recent successes.

We started managing a company that had roughly 100 wireless lines of service (Tablets, laptops, cell phones, etc.). The company was growing. We were able to add over 20 new lines of service and reduce their overall spending by $900.00 per month.  You may expect someone to help you save some money, BUT ADD SERVICES and still save money, that usually is a pleasant surprise. We try to become an extension of the managing staff of your business and take the headache away by doing what we are good at. I know this might not be your measure of success but it sure is ours. We love to dig deep, find the rate plan that best suits our client’s needs, and put the money back where it belongs, in the clients’ pocket, so they can invest it back into the success of their business.

I love to hear what motivates people, what is their definition of success, how do they do it? It inspires me to continually improve and grow my own business.

I hope you all take a minute to reflect on your many successes, learn from your failures, and continue to make your world and your business a little bit better.

If we can help you manage your wireless telecom, remove the headache, and never have to set up another phone for a co-worker, contact us. We’d love to be your “Right Hand”.

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