March 31, 2017
Todd Fritz

Samsung is coming out with their new Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8 Plus on April 21st.  In preparation for this they have a new upgrade to the operating system called Nougat.  I have recently been receiving some calls from clients about the changes to their phone from the upgrade.  The calendar looks different, the icons are more rounded and the contacts look different.

The new Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ will have expansive display that stretches from edge to edge, giving you the most amount of screen in the least amount of space.  The Galaxy S8+ has the biggest screen yet!  Don’t forget to protect that screen with a case.  The 8 will also have Bixby Button.  Translate foreign languages just by pointing your camera at text.  Need to know more about this opportunity? Give me a call.

Working in an industry that is always changing and upgrading I am reminded of the power being nice. Often when people deal with change they forget about simple things in how they do business like being nice.    Think about it, there are many ways to be firm and a little demanding but it can always be done in a nice way. We will always have productive and constructive disagreements but there is almost always a way to conduct yourself in a positive manner. There is a difference between being resolute and just being bull-headed.

Here’s a couple of observations I’ve made recently.

People Know You Care About Them

When you treat people with dignity and respect, you’re bound to get the best results and higher engagement from that person.

Granted nice people have their own agenda’s and expectations but it’s the manner in which they are demanding that makes the difference. They are pleasant, supportive, and they have a genuine care for the person they are dealing with.

If people believe you care about them, they tend to work differently.

I think back over the jobs I’ve had and one of the best leaders was one that treated all staff the exact same way, with compassion and care. He would walk around from time to time thank people for coming to work that day, and he MEANT it!

People Are Engaged

Persuasion and inclusion are two of the most powerful tools you can have. They create a sense of ownership, a sense of purpose and meaning, and a greater commitment. Consensus doesn’t mean that everyone agrees; it means that everyone is considered.

People Respond In Kind

It goes back to kindergarten, treat people the way you want to be treated. Assume positive intent on the other person’s behalf.  BE nice.

You set the tone. You wake up every day with a choice. It is just as easy to be nice AS it is to be foul and grumpy.

People notice. They aren’t going to do what you say; they’re going to do what you do.

Being Nice Is Free

Nice is free. It doesn’t cost anything, you can’t buy it, but it is priceless.


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