The Right Chef for All The Mobile Ingredients In Your Business

March 29, 2018
Todd Fritz

Who is the mobile device manager (chef) for your business? Is it one dedicated person, is it a shared responsibility between more than one person? Is it their area of expertise, or just one of the “other duties as assigned” part of their job description?  Many companies do not have a mobile device manager with all the skills and expertise to manage this ever-growing part of their business, so they trust someone outside the company to assist.  How do you decide WHO to trust? This is where I come in!  As a business owner, and an independent telecom agent, many times a week people ask me “what is it that you do?” I could just say we help organizations manage their telecom and let it go at that. Most people just want the technology you represent to work. Period. However, it seems high time to help you understand a bit about who I am, how I help, and why you can trust me to be your mobile device manager?

Mobile providers are always competing for your business with new phones/devices, new plans/service offerings, new promotions and new gimmicks.  If your mobile device manager is someone internal with many” other duties as assigned”, you could benefit from our dedicated mobile management services. If you have an IT person with the knowledge, but not enough time in their day, we can be an outside extension of the department. You immediately get 18 years of experience knowledge at your fingertips!

Why do businesses choose us as their trusted advisor?

  • We save your business money and your staff time, so they can do what they do best, and we can do what’s in your best interest!
  • No more trips to the local wireless store, we come to you!
  • Do you want to know if you’re really on the best plan at the best price? We will give you the straight scoop and find you the savings you deserve!
  • We represent all the providers, so we can look at all provider options and offer you the best option to meet your needs instead of just one carrier.
  • If the Internet of Things (IoT) is a foreign concept OR if you are excited about it and embracing it in your business, we are here to assist you in so many ways!
  • Our goal is to take away the headache of managing all your telecommunications.


How do we do that you might ask?

Well, let me explain. There are a few big players in the wireless world and in the wired world almost too many to mention. Our job is to get all the players together at the right time, doing the right thing for the right price! East peasy right? Well, some days yes, but most days it requires persistence, patience and perseverance.  Let me break it down.

  • We take away your telecom headaches.
    • Providers don’t always have a clear understanding of what the end-user needs and how it might impact their business. Our job, in part, is to clearly understand the client’s needs, choose the best suited, and financially prudent, provider and integrate the services while physically being on site during deployment.
  • We will “sit on hold so you don’t have to”.
    • If there is an issue, we open trouble tickets, make phone calls to providers, and we are there to “sit on hold” until we get the answers you need and to keep the client’s services up and running smoothly. This allows you to go back to running your business.
  • We work directly with your IT/device management staff to become an extension of your business. Many times, your in-house personal have other primary tasks requiring their time and energy. We perform the day to day procurement and distribution of mobile devices and work with the end user to make sure they have a device that is ready to use, and that they clearly understand how to do that. We help manage your inventory of mobile devices, including removing underutilized devices so you are not paying for them, providing high usage reports and recommended adjustments, and the list goes on.
  • We are here as your trusted advisor, always working in your best interest.
  • We do bill analysis. Doesn’t that sound fun? We make sure you are on a plan that suits your needs AND is financially responsible. We work with the accounting department to resolve any billing disputes. Many times, we see one department controlling the deployment and another department paying the bill. We do bill reconciliations to make sure you are only paying for what you need.

You’ll have us as your single trusted point of contact.  No more will you have to call numerous providers hoping they will fix the issue or have the solution you seek. We will become the conductor of your telecom orchestra. We want to help from start to finish. Bottom line, we deliver what we promise and if there are unforeseen complications along the way, we will keep you well informed, and the job on-task until it is complete.

Our goal is to become “Your One-Stop Telecom Shop”, and to earn your business everyday.

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