Top 10 Reasons To Use A Telecom Broker/Agent

March 8, 2017
Brenda Eisenschenk


  1. We are your one stop telecom shop: Instead of dealing with multiple sales reps from multiple carriers, you can deal with just one.  We are able to sell multiple carriers, so if a combination of three different carriers is the best fit for your business, we can coordinate all the orders as we represent them all.
  2. Easy to compare analysis: Because we deal with all carriers, we understand the differences of using one carrier over the other.  Thus, giving you a truly unbiased opinion and easy to compare side by side analysis outlining your options.  We are your telecom Tylenol!
  3. Higher Rate of Satisfaction: Because our business is built on the long term relationships we develop with our clients, and not just the immediate sale, we can deliver a higher level of satisfaction for our customers.  We work with your IT and Voice Equipment staff and/or vendors to ensure a smooth transaction.
  4. Single Point of Contact: We will be your single point of contact when you have service related issues.  Often times we have a good idea on if the issue is carrier related or equipment related and can open those trouble tickets for you.   No more dialing into toll free numbers and entering the world of auto attendants and on hold music.  We wait on hold so you don’t have to!
  5. No Sales Quotas: Unlike a direct rep, whose job is to make the sale and often times move on to the next sale.  They may have sales quotas to hit and can be pushy to get the sale, especially at the end of the month.  As an Agent/Broker, we work on your time and want to ensure the right solution is given and will take the necessary time to help you find it.
  6. Consolidation: As companies expand across markets, their needs for telecom connectivity between locations and between carriers becomes even greater.  Having an agent who knows all the providers strengths, and how to capitalize on them is invaluable.  We can consolidate your telecom needs onto fewer bills, or even just one, saving you time and money.
  7. Billing Resolutions: We will review your telecom bill on an ongoing basis to ensure you are being billed correctly.  If you change providers, we will make sure that your final invoices and first invoices are checked for accuracy.  We will continue to monitor for 3rd party billing, slamming, or possible toll fraud attacks, and advocate on your behalf with carriers when disputes/issues arise.
  8. The Carriers Get it: Many carriers have reduced or eliminated their direct reps and gone with Indirect Channel Brokers/Agents to sell their products.  Direct reps come and go, but Brokers/Agents are typically long term, we can offer you the same great rates, packages, and discounts that you can get going with the carrier direct.
  9. We treat your money like it was our money: When was the last time you reviewed your rate plan to ensure you were paying the best rates available to you?  Many carriers change their pricing, add new features, increase bandwidth, or enhance their services.  With a Broker/Agent looking out for your best interests, you won’t pay more than you should for services.
  10. You know where to find us: We are your local telecom Broker/Agent.  You are not dealing with a telemarketer over the phone.  We understand the area, we know who the carriers are that represent the area, and we know the vendors you work with who support your systems. More importantly they know and trust us so you can too.

We hope to earn your business and become your trusted telecom Broker/Agent.  As we celebrate 10 years in business this year, please call us to see if we can make your phones ring, your internet zing and see if we can save you some cha-ching!

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