Travel Abroad…..What to know BEFORE you go

January 4, 2019
Brenda Eisenschenk

Happy New Year! Welcome to the busy season of traveling to get out of the MN cold weather. Some travel is just to go south a bit and get warmer, but many of you also like to travel abroad, so this is for you.  Traveling internationally with your cell phone? What you need to know BEFORE you go! We are all so tied to our phones, that you think you board the plane, get off the plane and you are good to go, right? WRONG. Traveling abroad required some preplanning on your part and ours to make sure it all goes smoothly.


I often have travelers call me just as they are boarding a plane and about to set out on the trip of a lifetime. They want to make sure their cell phone will work internationally, and they want to know what it will cost when they get to to their destination. Nothing breaks my heart more than not being able to help a client and having to tell them that all services might not be available when they land. Here’s why: Most people don’t realize or know that international services need to “authenticate” on domestic soil.  This means you need to take care of it before you take off. The more notice I have that customers are traveling, the more help I can be to them. I’m sure you’d rather spend your hard earned money doing fun adventures while traveling than on costly roaming fees and such.


A gentle reminder and a few tips you might find helpful:


  • Purchase a travel bundle that fits your needs. Remember you are on vacation and might not always need the unlimited offering. You can always put your phone in airplane mode and use available Wi-Fi networks to communicate with people back home.
  • There may be an app for that (or several). You can chat using free apps with those you love while traveling.
  • Make sure to check your device before you go to ensure that data roaming is enabled, and international CDMA is turned off. Once again, if you need help, please call your cell phone elves (Todd 320.257.1701 and Renee 262.325.2497)
  • When you get home-do nothing to your phone. Leave the settings as they are. You’ll be ready for your next trip and it doesn’t hurt a thing to leave it as is.


We would also like to encourage you to NOT use your phone a bit while traveling and just enjoy your surroundings and the people you are with.  We are so thankful to call you clients and friends and we wish you safe travels. Remember, wherever you are traveling, home or abroad, don’t text and drive!!!


We are always here to help.

The InteleConnect and Intelligent Wireless Team

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