VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol is the fastest growing section of phone service right now right along side mobile services.

What exactly is VoIP?  It is the newest way to make and receive calls over the Internet much like sending and receiving emails. Phone calls are transferred into data and sent through high-speed Internet.


Lower Capital Expense for equipment
Using operating expenses vs. capital expense.

Limited IT Resources
Smaller Businesses have less resources to be their "phone expert", hosted VoIP models allow the vendor to be your expert.

Business Process Improvement
Hosted Voice offers endless feature capabilities. Whether you need them all right away or not, VoIP systems have the ability to grow with the company, without the company having to make yet another investment.

Predictable Costs
From a pricing model perspective, Hosted VoIP is a predictable business expense. You know what you’re spending each month because of its fixed per-user cost structure which includes local and long distance voice usage. That's a huge advantage.

Connecting Multiple Locations
Connecting locations with different telco providers can be complicated and add up to higher costs. With a Hosted VoIP system, those negatives are eliminated.

Phone Equipment vs. Phone Service Provider
Everyone who's owned a phone system has had to talk with customer service, either with the phone company or with the on site telephony company. One points the blame finger at the other. With Hosted VoIP, you have one trusted provider for everything.

Easy and FREE Upgrades
Having a VoIP system in the cloud allows your business to receive automatic upgrades. You don’t have to worry about upgrades, maintenance or on-site fees.

Disaster Recovery! This is BIG
A phone system sitting in a closet down the hall is vulnerable. Power outages and bad weather are just two scenarios. A phone system in the Cloud reduces your outage potential. And, if you were to lose power or connectivity calls are still hitting voicemail and cellphones for your clients.

Hosted VoIP improves not only efficiency and productivity, but the communication experience as well, giving companies of any size access to the latest technologies. It delivers a robust system that supports phones, voicemail, email, video, instant messaging, mobility, and advanced applications, all without the upfront investment in a premise-based solution.