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If there’s something weird, and it don’t look good…..

If you ever had an issue with a telecom provider, this blog is going to hit home.

Back in the early days of wireless, if you sold it, you serviced it. Oh, the “Good old days”.

I’ve been in this industry over 22 years, and it still amazes me when you have a real issue and are told to call “1.800 Customer No Service.” I get that the customer service agents are trying very hard to help but I feel the lack of training and ability to get to the next level of care is beyond the scope of most people’s tolerance. You either must live with the issue or consider moving on to another carrier. Think about the logistics involved in changing carriers when you are a business dealing with a large number of users.

Even us in the industry get frustrated. Our mascot, from day one, has been a bulldog. Why? Once I was told that if a bulldog sinks their teeth into something, it won’t let it go. Well, the same philosophy applies to us when we are working on behalf of our clients. I hope I can truthfully say, our clients know if they give us an issue, we will exhaust every possibility we can to correct the issue. We will leave no stone unturned, and we’ll keep you informed throughout the process. Granted, it may not be an immediate fix, but we will not give up until the problem is solved or we die trying.


We take it to heart, we own it, we communicate, we report back.

Major carriers spend millions on attracting new customers, why not spend the same on keeping current clients happy?

Rarely will I call a service provider to the mat but sometimes they need to be reminded that they work for you. It is not a privilege to use their services. You are paying for it. They need to know, and hear, when they are lacking. We will happily do it for you. So, if sitting on hold waiting for help with your wireless services causes you pain,  let us take away the headache and do it for you?.

We sit on hold, so you don’t have to isn’t a saying, it is a FACT. If you have trusted us with your wireless services, we do what we say we are going to do…..sit on hold until the issue is SOLVED!!!

We help clients replace phones that were dropped in a lake, in the cement at a job site, or just plain dropped and damaged beyond repair. We help clients when they add staff and need new devices, when they need to make changes to their data plans, or when they need to know they are on the best plans for their business with our wireless management agreements.  From small businesses to large enterprises, to schools and government entities they trust us to be their advocate and do what’s best for them.  Just a few of the many reasons, you call on us.

We sincerely appreciate and value every one of our clients. We know you know where we live. We only want to see you pull up in our driveway when you are happy, definitely not the other way around. LOL!

It gives us great joy, when we can take away the consumption of your human capital and save you a few dollars. Next time you are frustrated with your telecom provider, and think “Who you gonna call?”, give the problem to us. 320-257-1701

We promise we will not “Ghost” you.

IWM Team

Todd Fritz

Laura Fritz

Renee Enright


  • Credited Ray Parker Jr for writing the Ghostbuster Lyrics

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