Why Smartphones are a Smart Choice for Your Business

July 27, 2020
Brenda Eisenschenk

Last fall Apple released the iPhone 11, its newest and most advanced phone. Some of the best features are the camera-there are two lenses, a more durable glass screen, improved battery life, and more storage. I can only speculate what amazing features will be added to the iPhone 12.

For the Droid users out there, Samsung Galaxy’s most recent launch is the S20 5G, and it also has amazing camera capabilities and so much more for the business professional to work “smarter”.

I want to talk about the features offered by these phones and WHY they are good for BUSINESS use.


The capabilities of these new cameras are amazing!  The business professional who is in charge of marketing, events, even HR if you need employee photos for ID Cards would be well equipped with one of these. If your business uses phones to take pictures of events, for marketing purposes like Facebook and other social media posts, you can’t find a higher quality camera to be used “on the fly”. If you use photos of products to show clients or for marketing brochures, you’d get high-quality photos you could be proud to show off using these new phones.  Don’t believe me, check out the photos taken by 3 different generations of phones, the difference is striking.  This is one of those, “you get what you pay for” times.


Think about how a Business Professional uses their phone.  I’m talking business owners and key professionals in your company that have business applications loaded and in use on their phones all the time, like salesforce, Office 365, VoIP apps and other cloud based applications that are in use all day long. Does having the new phones with different systems, memory, capabilities, and functionalities make them work better for a business professionals use?  You bet they do, and here’s why.

  • Fast Charging – less time worrying about battery life, and more time being productive, making calls, selling products or services, recording video, and taking pictures for your marketing events.
  • Longer Battery Life – less worry about getting your phone charged before the next call or meeting, and more time “doing” the calls and meetings, and photos.
  • 5G Capability – new 2020 models coming out will have 5G as an added option. Though this isn’t readily available in the Central MN market right now, it’s likely 1- 2 years out, but if you travel to larger metropolitan areas you’ll have the best capabilities to run on this newest network, and as it migrates to smaller populated areas, you’ll be ready.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – offering longer range, faster speeds, and better operability than recent devices. Making your communications clearer and giving your business more mobility, which is the point after all of a “mobile device”.
  • Stronger Glass Screens – Samsung actually calls theirs Gorilla Glass. Less downtime due to breakage, less costs for repairs.
  • Store more and more and more – from photos to apps, the storage capabilities are practically endless. You will have all your data, contacts and cloud services at your fingertips, making your “on the go” communications and transactions easy.
  • Connect any of the aforementioned devices to a “Smart” wearable, such as a watch or Fitbit and you can even make sure your stress levels are in check?. Just kidding about the stress but it can monitor your activity level and make sure you are keeping a healthy life/work balance.

At Intelligent Wireless Management, we have been assisting our business clients for 10 years now as their trusted advisor for all things wireless. We appreciate your trust, we are here to help you work smarter, and leap ahead of the competition into a new generation of devices. All the better for you and your business

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