You Get a Phone, and You Get a Phone, and You get a Phone – everybody gets a phone (Channel your inner Oprah!)

July 14, 2022
Brenda Eisenschenk

People often ask me, what is it you do exactly? I thought about this for a bit and the easiest explanation is, we take away your headache. Let me dive a bit deeper.

Organizations are stretched thin these days. It seems everyone has multiple jobs within the organization and are scrambling to get everything done…fast!

Years ago, people got a job, came to work, sat down at a computer, and they worked on it at work. NOW, people have their company computers/smartphones/Jetpacks, etc. issued to them, and they go everywhere with them. How do big companies manage that? Who helps with that? How do you maintain your corporate wireless devices? The security of them? The data on them? The misuse of them?

What happens when someone quits (and leaves on bad terms) and takes the device with them? Or tries to take your customers with them?

Well, that is where we come in. We become an extension of your staff. We scrub your account to make sure you are using what you are paying for. We notify you of high usage, low usage, non-usage, etc.


We help educate, integrate, and administrate. We will help the end user transition from their old device to the new device. We transfer the data, make sure their questions are answered and they are back being a productive member of your team. Heck, we will even loan you a device if we can’t get it fast enough (Dang supply chain).

We will help with your Mobile Device Management Platform if you’d like. We will help distribute any accessories you need. Truly from A-Z you will not have to worry about your wireless services. We become your “Watchdog”.

Sales isn’t our primary focus, but customer care is, and our doing that well leads to sales.  I say care because we become invested in our clients and treat their account as we would treat our own.

We will soon celebrate 12 years of proudly serving you. We can’t THANK YOU enough for believing in a small family-owned business. We appreciate you way more than we could ever express. We are so grateful.

If you are not yet a client, maybe it’s time for a chat. Talk is cheap, right? We might be able to save you a few dollars and take away the hassle of managing your wireless telecom.

We hope you are enjoying you summer as much as we are, and if your phones falls in the lake, call us.

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